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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ripping Up The Rules Of Management

...was an article in Business2.0 recently about diruptive business. That does have some connections to what we do here at eBlizz.
Today, all web2.0 companies are just building on "same old, same old" web centric model. "Hoard content and get users to interact" seems to be the general paradigm.
eBlizz didn’t make it into the article - we're yet too young. What we do though, is to turn the whole Web Experience on its head. That is pretty disruptive for incumbent Web Portal businesses.
Instead of you going to websites, the content will find you. eBlizz has built a generic SmartClient application, which each User can use to build views of content, amassed from anywhere on the Internet and combined with your own local content and annotations etc. These Meshups are then published and shared, in closed groups or public ones. Thus you get a new layer of links and “synapses” laid over otherwise totally disparate content – a new association – that will help other users to find what they’re looking for or want to be entertained about easier.
The cool thing is, that the generic nature of the SmartClient, you can publish anything. Not just videos as Joost is doing, but any combination of videos, pics, documents or even 3D (coming), combined with Social Networking, Forums, Blogs, Wikis etc.
We're currently in closed Beta, and we certainly promise a lot. To make this happen, we do need you and your help in the beta test phase. So join in and sign up today!

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