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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Naked CEO on Wired

I just love the way the web creates a basis for "walking the talk" on corporate leadership and ethnic business practices. Whatever you do and how you behave; it will sooner or later all end up in the greatest reputation network online: Google.

Wired has a great cover story on transparency in business and business communications in edition 15.04. The story does not just talk about the mistakes you should avoid, like the story about Dell and their long journey to put things straight and Flogging*, but also shows the true advantage of collaboration with your audience, customers and partners that now is possible through honest and authentic openness and behavior – and if you dare to reach out!
The article is a great source of understanding for anyone who wants to get the grips on the blogosphere and what it means to be a “straight corporate shooter”.

*people being paid to post about a product, service or agenda on blogs

By Göran Askeljung


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