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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just An Online Minute…Pre-iPhone, Mobile Video Still Has Far To Go

This Blog is a comment to Wendy Davis excellent post on Just An Online Minute… Study: Pre-iPhone, Mobile Video Still Has Far To Go

The only way for Mobile Video to develop into a profitable business, is to make consumption free (no charges to data volumes consumed or fees for watching). To get there, better advertising systems has to be developed and location based services thrown in.

I think consumers might want to watch videos mobile if there's an immediate connection to where they are and what they are doing. These are, essentially, the need for a mobile in the first place (I want to be free to take calls anywhere).

The problem has not been solved yet though. Operators have to rethink their game plan for this to happen and this is where Apple and Steve Jobs come in. His is the power to change the current paradigm, as successfully proven at least twice.

The technical challenge is still there though. Google & Co can only deduce what you’re intentions are from analyzing your clickstream. This is an outside-in approach. Imagine you had a system built on a distributed approach instead, analyzing your user behavior inside-out. This data would only belong to you, but also be the reason for reacting to requests from the outside (“Pizza Parlor around the corner”, want to see ad?) to be picked up if it is discernible that the user is actually at that moment looking for a place to eat (“Yes, send ad through”).

eBlizz offers such an approach. The eBlizz SmartClient is an application with a small footprint your run on your device. As devices get ever faster, packed with ever more memory and higher bandwidth connectivity, it is not far away in the future that we will see such developments happen. eBlizz helps the user find his way through the Net by adding a degree of semantic analysis of your clickstream and communication you do over the SmartClient. Thus, the system can serve up better ads in a better context for you, which incidentally, could be location based.

The aim of eBlizz is “to connect anything on the Net that is not connected but belongs together”. You can browse anything on the Net and add it "scrap book style" to a “view” you build yourself. The advantage is that you don't need to download anything. Instead, the client keeps track of where it is and displays the content object on your view. Add to this any content your have locally, comment on it and share it with friends, using P2P or web-share, this approach has a strong workflow enhancing ability that might lead you to scrapping your Email, Browser and IM apps.

Sounds like a deal for iPhone?

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