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Thursday, January 29, 2009

How To Negotiate A Seemingly Impossible Outcome

Jack, a smart businessman, has a talk with his son...

Jack: "Son, I want you to marry a girl of my choice..."
Son: "But Dad, I want to choose my own bride".
Jack: "But the girl is Bill Gates' daughter."
Son: "Well, in that case..."

Next Jack approaches Bill Gates

Jack: "Bill, I have a husband for your daughter."
Bill Gates: "But my daughter is too young to get married just yet."
Jack: "But this young man is a vice-president of the World Bank."
Bill Gates: "Ah, in that case..."

Finally Jack goes to see the president of the World Bank.

Jack: "I have a young man who I would like to recommend as a vice-president."
World Bank president: "But I already have more vice-presidents than I need."
Jack: "But this young man is Bill Gates' son-in-law."
World Bank president: "Ah, in that case..."

Extracted from www.brianseth.com/businessandsalescoaching/

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